Watch Care

In order to fully enjoy your laCalifornienne, we kindly ask you that you treat it with love and care. Here a few tips in order to do so:  

  • Keep your watch away from devices that may generate strong magnetic fields. The watch may become magnetized and will not keep time properly. 
  • Avoid direct contact to oils or skin cream that could react to the case plating and/or the leather strap
  • If you suspect a drained battery, please contact us as soon as possible to replace it and in order to avoid deterioration to the watch movement in the event the battery leaks. 
  • Make sure your watch crown is not pulled out when you wear the watch. Dust particles and water can easily enter the case and damage the movement if you leave the crown out. 
  • Your watch is water resistant. However, please try to avoid exposing the watch and/or strap to any liquid.
  • Your leather strap has a lifespan that can be extended by proper care. Do not expose your strap to extreme heat, humidity or prolonged periods under the sun. Contact with water or liquid will accelerate the wear and tear of your leather strap.
  • Avoid extreme sweating while wearing your watch (don’t play sports or exercise while wearing your watch). 
  • Wearing other bracelets on the same wrist as your laCalifornienne may lead to scratches on the case and/or leather strap. If you are planning to wear multiple items of jewelry on the same wrist, try to avoid a loose fit on the other bracelets so they don’t come in contact with your laCalifornienne watch.