laCalifornienne guarantees proper functioning of its timepieces for one year from the date of purchase.  

All parts pertaining to the movement, case, and dial are guaranteed to be authentic.  Any damage due to accident is excluded from this warranty.  Cosmetic or water damage is not covered by our warranty or return policy. Please note that any evidence of tampering or opening the watch case will void the warranty.  Please be sure to close the crown of your watch after setting the time.

Contact us at hello@laCalifornienne.com if any issues arise and we will work with each customer on an individual basis to find a suitable solution within the parameters of this warranty.


Plating can naturally change over time depending on exposure to oils in the skin and the environment. 

Leather straps 

Our handmade straps come in an array of different leather types and colors. Some of our leathers may be natural and untreated. With usage and exposure to the environment, their natural color and texture darkens, changes, and beautifies over time.

Our striped bands are hand-painted and therefore, no two are alike and any irregularities are a welcome part of our process.

Contact us if you would like to purchase a replacement strap. Hand-painted straps are available for $300. Plain straps are $200.